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International Business Institute is a blend of industry-academia mix professors & strategy makers of the industry, contributing to corporate mission and departmental objectives. Here we provide and bound with the pervasive values, beliefs and attitudes that characterize a organization culture.

We are highly equipped with all elements of corporate like physical environment, human resources practices that also reflected in our hierarchy, process, innovation, collaboration, competition, community involvement and social engagement.

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Dear Aspirant,

India today is modern, young and focused on renovate itself to take its perfect place among the world. Demographically speaking, every third Indian is less than 25 years of age today. The ample energy of such youthful nation is finding creative opportunities in all every field business, entrepreneurship, defense, sports, governance etc.

This is the context in which we have to focus on management education in our country. There is an insistant thirst for knowledge, skills and entrepreneurship among the youth, as witnessed in the burst of graduate and post-graduate education, especially professional courses. Their needs can be satisfied only by the quality educational institutions.

We, at the International Business Institute, are acutely conscious of our responsibilities in this regard and have been striving to render quality management education with values, to those seeking managerial skills. Our overarching emphasis has been on 'From Ideas to Implementation, which, infact, happens to be IBI Philosophy.
Dear Aspirant,

Over the last decades or more, the development of professional competencies has come into sharp focus for higher education. As pointed out by employers, the level of Student competencies does not always correspond to the operational tasks for them in the field of quality management; the tasks are related to the development, implementation and maintenance of quality management systems and system efficiency analysis.

Student should be able to plan activities, set goals, make decisions, but this is impossible without developing the self-organization and independent learning.

Creative independent learning which involves implementation of the competency-based approach components such as individual approach, subject-subject interaction and activity-based approach is one of the possible ways of solving the problem. In addition, creative abilities and competencies of the graduates are in demand for today's International economy, which will be transformed on the basis of innovation in terms of transition to the knowledge-based economy.

We, at our Educational Institute, put interesting and educational tasks corresponding to the students' level of competence, abilities, and inclinations. Use modern educational technologies including the development of critical thinking, organize the independent cognitive activity of students.

Students here will participate in conferences, competitions, contests winning prizes, prove the efficiency of developing professional competencies in them, they enrol in the quality management program and develop themselves for the need of the corporates.

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Our job is growth of our students, giving them a chance to reach their dreams.

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